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01-WTK-DeluxeDP Water Test Kit (Digital) - RWC Testing & Lab Supplies

01-WTK-DeluxeDP Water Test Kit (Digital)

$ 355.00

Tested and approved by Mobil Research and Development

NEW: Now used to test water content in Biodiesel and SVO (vegetable oil).

***Because the water test kits contain Reagent A, we are restricted in how we can ship the kits and replacement bottles of Reagent A.***

The Water Test Kit has been designed to measure the water content in fluids, such as lubricants, oils, fuels and solvents. A small quantity of the fluid to be tested, along with a dry solvent, and calcium hydride are placed into the vessel. The calcium hydride reacts with the water, producing hydrogen gas. The pressure displayed on the gage is proportional to the % or PPM of the water present in the sample. The gage can display water content from 10 to 120,000 PPM over five ranges. Higher water content can be determined by following the procedure found in the instructions. The Water Test Kit is manufactured in the U.S. using high quality anodized aluminum and precision pressure gage. A manual pressure relief valve is incorporated to enhance accuracy and safety. Test results are available in five minutes. Use the Water Test Kit in the field or in the laboratory. It is portable and easy to use.

The Deluxe Digital Water Test Kit includes the test vessel, a bottle of Reagent A (24 grams), 3 pints of Reagent B, a sample syringe, a solvent syringe, safety glasses, scissors, disposable gloves, wash bottle, and instruction manual with temperature conversion chart.


  Ranges Resolution Accuracy ±2% F.S.
A. .15%
1,500 PPM
± .0015%
± 15 PPM
B. 1.50%
15,000 PPM
10 PPM
± .015%
± 150 PPM
C. 3.0%
30,000 PPM
20 PPM
± .030%
± 300 PPM
D. 6.0%
60,000 PPM
40 PPM
± .060%
± 600 PPM
E. 12.0%
120,000 PPM
80 PPM
± .120%
± 1,200 PPM
*For higher ranges up to 50%, refer to instruction manual.

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