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Standard Soil Testing Kit 404AK-301 - RWC Testing & Lab Supplies

Standard Soil Testing Kit 404AK-301

$ 202.00

We have taken our most popular selling test instruments for Soil Testing withing the Forestry and Agriculture industries and bundled them into kits for a great value. 

The kit contains:

  • One STX-3 handheld refractometer for standard testing of Soil: Salinity/Water
  • Two Hydrometers (1-Soil Analysis & 1-Specific Gravity Hydrometer)
  • One 1000mL Hydrometer Jar with graduation line to ASTM Standards
  • One Soil Thermometer with 3" Dial Glass Face and 6" Stem

This kit is appropriate for most general testing done within the Forestry and Agriculture industries.  The test instruments allow you the affordable equipment needed to produce quality consistent tests in the lab or out in the field. 

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