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01-REAGENT-A Reagent A for Water Test Kit - RWC Testing & Lab Supplies

01-REAGENT-A Reagent A for Water Test Kit

$ 60.00

Introducing a new packaging system for the Reagent A. 

The old package consisted of a small carton containing 50 packets. Each packet held 350 ± 20 milligrams of Reagent A for a total of 17 to 18 grams per box. 350 milligrams is an over dose. Not all 350 mg calcium hydride is consumed in a test.

We have done away with the packets. The new system consists of a small bottle and a measuring spoon. One heaping spoon will equal 128 mg of Reagent A. Use three spoonfuls per test.

There are several advantages with the new packaging.  First, the bottle holds 24 grams of Reagent A. This is the equivalent to 63 packets.  You will be able to perform 63 tests with the new bottle compared to 50 tests with the old carton.  Most importantly, the cost of the new system is the same price as the old carton!

Another advantage is you will no longer need to use scissors to open a packet.  Also, the new micro-spoon makes it easier to load the small chamber in the test vessel with Reagent A.

Helpful Tip: Never leave the bottle cap off the bottle.  Reagent A is hygroscopic, that is, it readily absorbs moisture from the air.  To preserve the full strength of the Reagent A, tightly replace the cap after you have filled the micro-spoon and dumped the Reagent A into the test vessel's small chamber.


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