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Clinical Veterinary Refractometer

VET 360 Veterinary Refractometer 137536LO

$ 190.00


  • Shockproof - the only refractometer constructed of Xenoy polycarbonate materials and double cemented glass optics that make it an ultra rugged and impact resistant design. Drop tested from 3 feet high. 
  • Water resistant and dust proof - IP67 rated
  • Leak proof design eliminates the possibility of condensation or sample contamination on the optics
  • Automatic temperature compensation provides accurate readings without correction tables or temperature measurement
  • Clear, precise scales
  • Test takes only seconds to complete
  • Portable - no batteries or power cord required. Ideal for use in a laboratory, office or outdoors. 

The VET360 refractometer quickly and accurately determines urine specific gravity and protein concentration in plasma, serum and peritoneal fluid. The Rhino - rugged handheld refractometer is water resistant, dust proof and shock resistant. The Rhino VET360 uses Automatic Temperature Compensation to provide accurate readings regardless of ambient temperature. The unit automatically corrects all readings back to the Standard Reference Temperature of 68°F (20°C). This provides much greater accuracy than urinometers or reagent strips can offer. 


 Scales: Canine and Large Animal Urine Specific Gravity
Feline Urine Specific Gravity
Serum or Plasma Protein Concentration
Accuracy: Urine Specific Gravity: ±0.001
Serum Protein: ±0.2g/100 mL
Range: Urine Specific Gravity: 1.000-1.060
Serum Protein: 2.0-14.0 g/100 mL
Chassis: Rugged, Sealed Waterproof Xenoy Polymer Body
Optics: All Glass
Weight: 5.7 oz.
Size: 9.2"L x 1.6"W x 1.6"H 

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