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8100P Combustible Gases (Methane) Detector

8100P Combustible Gases (Methane) Detector

$ 1,480.00

Because these detectors are custom made to individual applications, all sales are final. No returns or refunds available after purchase.


  • Rugged, compact, lightweight with shoulder carrying case and instrument case
  • Uses a UL approved solid state sensor with 1 year warranty (estimated life over 10 years)
  • Audio/visual alarms
  • Low battery warning light
  • Accurate analog or digital reading for PPM or % LEL
  • Rechargeable Ni/Cad battery and built-in battery charger
  • Fast warm up time 3-4 minutes and response time
  • Sensor high poison resistant to sulphur, lead, silicone and halogenated compounds
  • 115 or 220VAC line charge

The portable toxic gas or combustible gases detector with audio/visual alarms and meter display is ideal for confined space monitoring. The detector is compact, light weight, and battery operated. With built-in charger and Ni-Cad batteries allows the unit 10 hours of continuous operation. The hand held probe with the sensor (no mechanical pump) and 5 feet of wire provides local area gas measuring. Analog meter, or 4-digit large LCD display indicates PPM or % LEL. Shoulder held carrying case and instrument case are also included.

Each detector includes: Sensor, controller, batteries, carrying case, charge cable, probe with wire connector and electronic instrument case.

Standard Model includes: Analog meter (ppm or % LEL), LED alarm, audio alarm, low battery and charge indicators, and built-in charger.


Dimensions: 8" H x 5" W x 3" D
Operating Temperature: -10°F to +150°F
Meter Display: Analog PPM or % LEL, or optional 4 digit LCD indicates PPM or % LEL
Power: 3.6V DC NiCad battery
Power Usage: 2.0 watt maximum
Operating Hours: 10 hours continuous (minimum)
Battery Signal: Visual Yellow LED indicates Low battery
Battery Charger: Built-in charger, 115 VAC or Optional 220 VAC
Panel Controls: Zero and Span adjustments
Alarms: Visual Red LED, Audio buzzer 75 dB
Panel Indicators: Power On (Green LED), In-Charge (Orange LED)
Weight: 2.0 lbs. (13 lbs. in case)

Specify range required when ordering (0-25, 0-50 or 0-100% LEL)


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