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300055 Digital Pocket Refractometer - Automotive

300055 Digital Pocket Refractometer - Automotive

$ 363.00

1 Year Warranty

Measure concentrations in the field with laboratory accuracy. As small, light and simple to use as optical refractometers, but with the precision of a digital readout. Reads samples as small as 1 mL. Sample temperature is initially displayed on the large LCD followed by the measurement results. The sophisticated microprocessor provides automatic calibration, automatic temperature compensation and automatic shutoff (after 3 minutes). A sturdy water resistant case protects the electronics from wet environments and makes for easy clean ups. Model features one button calibration to distilled water and indicate when the battery should be replaced (8,000 readings). Comes ready to use with distilled water, transfer-pipette, AAA battery, instructions and a carrying case.


Unit of Measure Range Resolution Accuracy
Propylene Glycol 32 (-50)°F 0.1°F ±2.0°F
Ethylene Glycol 32 (-50)°F 0.1°F ±2.0°F
Battery Acid 1.000 (-1.500) sg 0.001 sg ±0.005 sg
Cleaner 14 (-40)°F 0.1°F ±2.0°F


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