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300002 Sugar Refractometer 28-62%

300002 Sugar Refractometer 28-62%

$ 63.00

These portable refractometers work in ambient light with no battery or other power source necessary. They can be used in labs, on production lines, in the field or anywhere. Simply place a drop or two of a sample on the prism and read the results immediately. With reasonable care, the reliability, precision, and optical performance will last forever.

Refractometer comes complete with:

  • Rubber coated hand grip and construction, which insulates the test solution from inaccuracies caused by the body heat of the user.
  • Covered eye piece and bright, clearly defined scale, with large easy-to-read measurements.
  • All the accessories for immediate use, including calibration tools and solutions, full instructions, transfer pipettes and protective cases.

Use to test solutions with a higher sugar content, such as fruit juice concentrates, canned fruits containing added sugar, or ketchup as well as for egg yolk. Comes with a hard carrying case, calibration solution and calibration tool.


Range Resolution Accuracy
28-62% Brix 0.2% ±0.2%

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