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13962000 TS Meter-D Digital Handheld Clinical Refractometer w/IR

13962000 TS Meter-D Digital Handheld Clinical Refractometer w/IR

$ 1,849.00

The TS Meter-D is the first clinical digital, handheld refractometer that performs as well as most laboratory-grade refractometers. Yet it offers the ease of use and price of a handheld. It's designed to automatically read samples with precision comparable to high-end automatic refractometers. Operator interpretation of unclear shadowlines is no longer necessary. 

The TS Meter-D's new sapphire prism delivers 2.5x more conductivity to temperature than a conventional glass prism, providing greater accuracy of the Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) calculation. The result? A more precise measurement every time! 4x harder than glass, the sapphire prism is resistant to demanding applications, providing lasting durability and service over the life of the refractometer. 

A wide reading range (better than twice that of any competitive instrument) enables the use of just one instrument to measure different samples. The best-in-class accuracy of ±0.0001 Refractive Index ensures the right result every time. 

IR Communications Package enables reading log,calibration log, and custom scale transfer to any lab PC. 


  • Direct reading of urine specific gravity, cooper sulfate specific gravity, serum or plasma protein concentration....all with great precision! 
  • Touch-of-a-button easy
  • Lab instrument accurate
  • No more guessing about fuzzy shadowlines
  • Any operator gets fast, accurate results
  • Wide reading range and multiple scales means one instrument - not many
  • New sapphire prism for greater durability and more accurate ATC calculation
  • Very affordable - real value


 Reading Range:    1.000 to 1.060 Urine Specific Gravity
0.0 to 15.0 g/100mL Serum Protein
1.000 to 1.200 Copper Sulfate Specific Gravity
1.3300 to 1.5600 Refractive Index 
Scale: Refractive Index, Urine Specific Gravity, Serum Protein, Copper Sulfate
Precision: 0.0001 Refractive Index
±0.001 Urine Specific Gravity
±0.001 Copper Specific Gravity
±0.1 g/100mL Serum Protein
Calibration: Set Point or Set Point/Span User Definable
Prism Assembly: Sapphire in Stainless Steel Well
User Interface: Simple, effective 3-button operation
I/O: IR Docking Station via RS-232-c Serial Port
Power: 4 - "AAA" alkaline batteries, included
Battery Life: 3,000+ readings with auto-off sleep mode
Dimensions: 7" L x 3.75" W x 1.37" H (18 x 9 x 3.5 cm)
Warranty: 2 Years      


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