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Multi-Chek Digital Pocket Refractometer °F 13940014 - RWC Testing & Lab Supplies

Multi-Chek Digital Pocket Refractometer °F 13940014

$ 320.00

Perform three critical tests, coolant, battery and windshield fluids, in one dependable digital refractometer. 


  • Coolant Tester: Coolant tester tests engine coolant freeze point EG and PG concentration
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) provides immediate, accurate, direct readings at ASTM D3321 standards of ±1°F and ±0.55°C.
  • Battery Fluid Tester: Fast and easy test of battery electrolyte, specific gravity, and condition
  • Windshield: Push button safety test for water fluid freeze point
  • 1 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects. Evidence of tampering voids warranty. 

With the simple push of a button, the Digital Multi-Chek, the world's smallest handheld tester, will quickly and accurately provide you with ASTM standard readings for critical coolant, battery and windshield fluids. 

Improper concentrations (high and low) of glycol coolants/anti-freeze will result in inadequate freeze protection and general corrosion of materials in contact with glycol. Glycol is designed to work at its best efficiency when properly mixed at it's correct concentration level. Under-concentrated glycol will result in frozen/burst pipes and engine blocks. With batteries an improper electrolyte level will result in a dead battery cell. Improper concentrations of windshield wiper fluid could result in hazardous slushing and washer freeze-ups. 


 Reading Scales: EG = Freeze Point, ethylene glycol antifreeze
PG = Freeze Point, proplyene glycol antifreeze
SG - Specific Gravity, battery acid
WW = Freeze Point, windshield washer solution
Reading Ranges: EG - 32°F thru -70°F, Accuracy ±0.5°F
PG - 32°F thru -60°F, Accuracy ±0.5°F
Battery - 1.0000-1.463 SG, Accuracy ±0.003 SG
Windshield Washer - 32°F thru -65°F, Accuracy ±2°F
Calibration: Distilled Water
Automatic Temperature Compensation: 68°F
Prism: Glass
Illumination: 589nm LED
Dimensions: 2.13 x 1.06 x 3.9 inches
Power: 2 "AAA" batteries, included
Battery Life: 10,000 readings, Auto-off Sleep Mode
Ratings:  IP65 Dust proof/Water Resistant, CE, RoHS, and WEEE complaint

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