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01-OXAN Model 600 Oxygen Analyzer with 5 ft. cable length

01-OXAN Model 600 Oxygen Analyzer

$ 588.00

With a unique galvanic sensor, the Model 600 Oxygen Analyzer is able to measure both the percent concentration of oxygen in air as well as the parts per million (PPM or Mg/L) dissolved oxygen in water. It has a range of 0 to 100.0% concentration and 0 to 100.0 parts per million dissolved oxygen.

The galvanic sensor is totally sealed, requiring no maintenance such as membrane and filling solution changes. The typical life of the sensor is greater than 12 months. The sensor is temperature compensated to maintain accuracy for air calibration. The sensor's flow rate sensitivity requires only 0.5 ft/second flow in water for accurate readings. The sensor can safely withstand 25 psi pressure (60 foot depth in water).

This meter is very easy to operate, designed with the non-technical user in mind. The Model 600 is sold in a kit, complete with the meter, standard sensor with a 5 foot cable length and instruction. Custom cable lengths are available for the sensor.

The Sensor Extender Kit is a optional accessory that is used with the Model 600. With proper storage in an oxygen-free environment, the life of the sensor (electrode) can be prolonged. The oxygen electrode is manufactured with a lead anode and a gold cathode.


 Range: Dissolved Oxygen: 0-100.0 ppm
Concentration in Air: 0-100%
Accuracy: DO, ±0.25 ppm
Air, ± 1%
Precision: ±0.1%
Hysteresis: Non-existent
Response Time: 90% of final reading in 30 seconds
Zero: True zero in the absence of oxygen
Pressure: 25 psi maximum, 60 ft. depth in water
Warranty: Meter: 2 Years
Sensor: 6 Months
Switch: OFF - % - PPM
Display: 1/2" LCD
Power: 9 volt battery (optional accessory: AC wall adapter)
Size: Meter: 6.00"L x 1.55"W x 3.70"H
Sensor: 1.25" dia x 1.62" length - 5 foot cable length


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