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Atmospheric Oxygen Meter

01-OX630-Kit Model 630 Atmospheric Oxygen Meter

$ 986.00

The Model 630 measures atmospheric oxygen from 0-100%. It's unique galvanic electrode has an expected life of 3 to 5 years.  The electrode is not affected by hydrogen sulfide (H2S) or carbon dioxide (CO2). The maintenance-free electrode eliminates problems associated with electrodes requiring membrane replacements and filling solution changes.

Easy to operate, the Model 630 has only one control knob with two positions: OFF and %. Calibration is quick and easy.  Simply attach the electrode to the meter and use a small screwdriver to adjust the meter to the display 20.9% (air) or to any gas of known concentration.  The screwdriver adjustment eliminates any chance the Model 630's calibrations will be accidently disturbed.

The instrument is sold in a kit which includes the meter, an electrode with a 5 ft. cable length, instructions, battery.  Electrodes with custom cable lengths are available upon request.


 Range: 0-100% Atmospheric Oxygen
Resolution: 0.1%
Accuracy: ±1% of full scale, ±1 digit
Precision: ±0.1
Hysteresis: Non-existent
Temperature Compensation: Automatic from 0-40°C
Response Time: 95% in 30 seconds or less
Pressure: 25 psi maximum
Warranty: Meter: 2 Years
Sensor: 1 Year
Switch: OFF - %
Calibration: Screwdriver adjustable to 20.9% in air or any known gas
Display: 0.5" high LCD
Power: Single, 9V battery
Battery Indication: "BAT" displays when battery is low
Size: Meter: 6.00"L x 1.55"W x 3.70"H
Sensor: 1.0" dia. x 2.0" length
Cable length: 5 ft.


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