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01-1600-CONT420 Model 1600 Oxygen Controller w/4-20mA Output

01-1600-CONT420 Model 1600 Oxygen Controller w/4-20mA Output

$ 1,240.00


  • Measures 0-100% Atmospheric and 0-100 ppm Dissolved Oxygen
  • Galvanic Electrode has 12 month life
  • Features Gold Cathode

Model 1600 Controller provides economical atmospheric and dissolved oxygen control.  Model 1600 has the latest in microprocessor-based technology with an unprecedented number of standard features found in a 1/4 DIN package.  All control functions are conveniently programmable from the front panel.

Model 1600's galvanic electrode measures up to 100 parts per million (ppm) dissolved oxygen in aqueous solutions as well as up to 100% concentration in an atmospheric environment.

There are no filling solutions or membranes to change, making the electrode of the Model 1600 virtually maintenance-free.  Model 1600 comes with a standard 5 ft. oxygen electrode.  Custom lengths can be manufactured to 100 ft.

The electrodes are temperature compensated and are totally sealed from the environment.  Model 1600's electrode features a low flow-rate sensitivity, needing only 0.5 ft/second flow to read dissolved oxygen accurately.  No flow is needed when testing atmospheric oxygen.

Special Features:

  • Dual, four-digit LED display: Process, Variable, Set Point
  • Two independent set points: Low-High, High-High, Low-Low
  • Auxiliary alarm point
  • Selectable control modes: ON/OFF, PID
  • Selectable tuning models including: Self-Tune
  • Four security levels are password protected
  • Front-panel programmability
  • Wide range power supply: 86-268 VAC
  • Outputs available: SSR, Relay, Logic, Current or Voltage
  • Solid-State Relays: 3.5A up to 240 VAC


 Range: 0-100 ppm Dissolved Oxygen
0-100% Atmospheric
Accuracy: ±0.25 ppm, ±1% of full scale
Resolution/Precision: 0.1 (±) 0.1
Response Time: 90% in 12 seconds
Electrode Warranty: Six (6) Months
Electrode Dimensions: 1.62"L x 1.25"D
Optional Outputs: 4-20mA & RS232

 Zero: True zero in the absence of oxygen

Temperature Compensation: Automatic from 0-40°C

Electrode: Standard 5 ft. length, with 0.25 inch phone plug

Set Point Range: Selectable

Displays: Two 4 digit, 7 segment 0.3" high LED's; PV red, SV green

Supply Voltage: 85 to 265 VDC or VAC, 50 through 400 Hz. This applies to the instrument power only.  Consult the factory for relay and SSR output operation at DC and power line frequencies other and 50/60 Hz.

Power Consumption: 5 VA maximum

Operating Tempeature Range: -10 to +55°C, controller; 0 to 40°C, electrode

Storage Temperature Range: -40 to +80°C, controller; refrigerate electrode

Humidity Conditions: 0 to 90% up to 40°C non-condensing; 10 to 50% at 55°C non-condensing

Memory Backup: Non-volatile memory, no batteries required

Control Output Ratings: SSR: 3.5A @ 25°C typical; derates to 1.25A @ 55°C

Panel Cutout: 3.58" x 3.58"; 9.9 x 9.9 cm

Depth Behind Mounting Surfaces: 7 inches, 17 cm

Weight: 2.8 lbs; 1.27 kg

Controller Warranty: 2 Years

NOTE: This controller is not intended for use in life support systems, nor is the controller 100% fail-safe in some modes of operation.  Please contact the manufacturer to determine the suitability of the controller for your application.

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