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Deluxe Water Test Kit (Digital)

Water in lubricating fluids can cause serious damage to machinery with premature failure of bearings, gears, pistons and other components. Major bearing manufacturers claim that as little as .05% water in the oil will reduce bearing life by as much as 60%. Until now, there hasn't been an easy and convenient way to determine water content on-site. Samples have always been sent to the lab while people in the field waited for the test results. Now, the Water Test Kit can be used to determine the percentage of water in various fluids right at the machinery's location with test results available in as little as five minutes. Typical fluids are hydraulic fluids, gear oils and other circulation system lubricants. Not only can these fluids be tested, but other such as Biodiesel, diesel, gasoline, SVO, glycerine, polyalkalene glycol and brake fluid can also be tested. Maximum range of the gauge is 1.5% water, but lower or higher concentrations (.50% or 50% full scale) can be tested using the laboratory techniques listed in the operating manual.