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Portable Gas Detector

  • Rugged, compact, lightweight with shoulder carrying case and instrument case
  • Uses a UL approved solid state sensor with 1 year warranty (estimated life over 10 years)
  • Audio/visual alarms
  • Low battery warning light
  • Accurate analog or digital reading for PPM or % LEL
  • Rechargeable Ni/Cad battery and built-in battery charger
  • Fast warm up time 3-4 minutes and response time
  • Sensor high poison resistant to sulphur, lead, silicone and halogenated compounds
  • 115 or 220 V AC line charge

Because these detectors are custom made to individual applications, all sales are final.  No returns or refunds available after purchase.

The portable toxic gas or combustible gases detector with audio/visual alarms and meter display is ideal for confined space monitoring.  The detector is compact, light weight, and battery operated.  With built-in charger and Ni-Cad batteries allows the unit 10 hours of continuous operation.  Then hand held probe with the sensor (no mechanical pump) and 5 feet of wire provides local area gas measuring.  Analog meter, or 4-digit large LCD digital display indicates PPM or % LEL.  Should held carrying case and instrument case are also included.  0-1 VDC output for data acquisition is optional.


Dimensions: 8"H x 5"W x 3"D
Operating Temperature: -10F to +150F
Meter Display: Analog PPM, or % LEL, or optional 4 digits LCD indicates PPM or % LEL
Power: 3.6V DC Ni-Cad battery
Power Usage: 2.0 watt maximum
Operating Hours: 10 hours continuous (minimum)
Battery Signal: Visual Yellow LED indicates Low battery
Battery Charger: built in charger, 115 VAC or Optional 220 VAC
Panel Control: Zero and Span adjustments
Alarms: Visual Red LED, Audio buzzer 75 dB
Panel Indicators: Power On (Green LED), In-Charge (Orange LED)
Weight: 2.0 lbs. (13 lbs in case)


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