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Laboratory Equipment Reichert Refractometers
Biliburinometer Model 600 Oxygen Analyzer for Air Sonic Testers
Calibration Gas Mixture Kits Model 630 Atmospheric Oxygen Meter Static Meter
Deluxe Water Test Kit (Analog) Model 9250 DO Meter Stroboscopes
Deluxe Water Test Kit (Digital) Model 9251 DO Meter Tachometers
Digital Benchtop Refractometers Models 1600 & 1630 Oxygen Controllers Temperature Meters
Electronic Time Study Board Oxygen Pen Three Channel Event Recorders
Inexpensive Refractometers pH Meters & pH Simulator Vibration Meters
Infrared Thermometers Portable Gas Detectors Wall Mount Gas Detectors
Zivy Hand Held Tension Meters

All shipments made within the state of Texas are subject to Texas sales tax. If your firm is exempt from sales tax, please submit proper tax exemption certificate with your order.

Instructions for Companies outside of the United States: Terms are Wire Transfer of funds in US dollars to our bank to cover the cost of merchandise purchased plus shipping charges. Bank information provided upon receipt of your firm Purchase Order